Preliminary Titian Timeline

1510: Plague rampant in Venice

            Giorgione dies in autumn

1515: Giovanni Bellini completes Nude Woman at a Mirror

1516: 29 Novemeber- Giovanni Bellini dies

1525: Titian marries Cecilia

1529: March: Titian at court in Mantua

1538: Titian working on the Venus of Urbino for the Duke of Urbino, Guidobaldo II  1545: September: Titain            stays in Pesaro and Urbino as guest of Guidobaldo II

          9 of November: Titian informs Charles V by letter of his wish to give him a Sleeping Venus

1550: First Edition of Vasari’s Lives published

1553: Begins work on some poesie work for Prince Philip of Spain, including Venus and Adonis

1576: 27 February- Titian writes to Phiip II imploring him to pay his many debts to him

            27 August – Titian dies in his home from the plague 


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  1. maoch says:

    I’m so glad you’ve started on a timeline. We’ll talk soon about posting this information to the exhibit timeline.

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