Venice Paper Topic

Titian and his Depictions of Women

I am interested in exploring Titian’s portrayals of female figures focusing mainly on his portraits and history paintings. My research would include aspects of Venetian culture such as fashion, status, wealth and beauty as elements of the artist’s renderings. Essentially the paper would be a way in which to view the lives of Renaissance Venetian women through the exquisite lens of Titian.

Titian's Woman with Mirror


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  1. katherine says:

    This looks like a great topic. I think it will be very interesting- I’ve checked out several Titian books; let me know if you really need one or want to look through one. I’ve got Brilliant’s Portraiture also. They might be resources you’d like to look at later.

  2. maoch says:


    This is a rich topic. There are so many images to choose from…try focusing on a genre (such as portraits)….this will allow you to dig more deeply into the material. And with portraits there’s always the issue of whether or not the individual can be identified, or is an idealization or an allegory. There are so many differences between “history painting” and “portraits” that if you make comparisons here you’ll be writing a dissertation…save this for another time! Another category to consider is Titian’s mythological paintings, such as his images of Venus. If you look at early Titian, you’ll also want to consider Giorgiolne.

    Keep us posted!

  3. GYPEBREARGO says:

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  4. Patricia says:

    Can you direct me to some copyright free images of Renaissance women to be used in artwork? Thank you very much.

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